treatment options for ibs

Alternative Medicine Therapies

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3. Alternative Medicine Therapies

Based on a review of studies from the University of Maryland Medical Center, alternative medicine may help improve symptoms of IBS. All three of these therapies have an excellent safety profile when performed by licensed professionals and limited side effects.


Various studies found that acupuncture can improve bloating and your overall health. Besides using acupuncture needles to specific points, a doctor specialized in traditional Chinese medicine may recommend moxibustion (where herb mugwort is burned and applied on the body), Chinese herbs and special dietary changes.


Homeopathy also may be beneficial for IBS, suggesting some research studies. Homeopathic remedies are derived from plants and other natural sources and are prescribed based on the physical and emotional symptoms of a person.


Although no well-designed studies are showing that chiropractic medicine works for IBS, chiropractors suggest that this form of therapy can help alleviate symptoms. This therapy involves spinal manipulation to improve the function of the nerves that control the digestive tract.

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